(SLA ) Service Level Agreements

Our Service Level Agreements (SLA’s) are designed for fast and efficient support. We will firstly attempt to resolve the problem remotely and then send an IT Support technician to your site if necessary.

Our clients range from small independent to large national and multi-national organisations. Each client has access to an experienced team, who understands your business, recommends and implements solutions. We offer our clients flexible and the most cost effective IT service solutions to save them money where possible.

Our support packages are tailored to meet your business requirements and can easily be scaled up as your business grows. We have a helpful help desk that is manned by experienced technical engineers. 90% of telephone support queries we receive can be resolve remotely. For critical issues requiring on-site support one of our helpful IT engineer will be there within a guaranteed period.

We offer the following Service Level Agreements

  • 1. Server /Desktop (SLA) Contracts

  • 2. Backup Solution (SLA) Contracts

  • 3. Firewall Solution (SLA) Contracts

  • 4. Sage Support (SLA) Contracts

Pro-Active Support

At IBS, we believe in pro-active rather that re-active Server / Infrastructure Maintenance. Our technical team continuously monitor and screen for server / infrastructure faults.

As part of our daily routine is to monitor Server Performance, Maintain Backups, Check Antivirus Updates and Detections, Identify Security Risks and screen for issues that may arise.

If any risks are identified, we book a ticket to prioritise and attend to as soon as possible.

IT On-Site / Remote Support

With modern day business so reliant on technology, any IT issues need to be addressed swiftly to minimise the impact on business. Our Remote IT Support service delivers a fast, efficient and cost effective solution for addressing the majority of IT support issues – over 90% of help desk queries are resolved remotely by our support help desk without the need for an on-site visit by one of our IT Engineers.

By accessing your computers remotely and seeing the same screen you do, our experienced IT technician can quickly locate the problem and help you implement a solution – (all you need is an internet connection).

If the issue cannot be resolved remotely, a helpful IT support engineer can be sent on-site to fix the problem.

IT Infrastructure Support

Our IT Infrastructure support service is included in every IT support contract and delivers hardware and software support for all of your office equipment including desktop computers, laptops and servers, their OS and day to day applications such as email, antivirus, accounting and office tools and many more.

Infrastructure Support Includes

  • Desktop / Laptops
  • Server
  • Software
  • Hardware Consumables
  • Networking Equipment
  • Printers

Technical Support

As Client “It’s not working” is never something you want to hear – especially when it’s about your businesses IT systems. When issues arise you want someone on hand fast, to provide the support you need to help get everything back up and running again as quickly as possible.

Our technical support team approach everything with a ‘we can help you’ attitude to deliver solutions to our customers no matter what the query. If we don’t know the answer already, we’ll liaise with your hardware / software manufacturers to solve the problem, leaving you and your team free to get on with running your business.

Our IT support team have experience working with small / medium businesses in and around Johannesburg.

Is it simple signing up? Just a few easy steps...

  • We go out and assess your requirements and existing setup

  • You are then given our recommendations based on our findings

  • You sign an agreement with us giving you much needed relief

IBS with it’s Managed IT Support and Services has your back!