Backup and Disaster Recovery

What is a Backup and Disaster recovery plan?
A Backup and Disaster recovery plan is planned procedure of how a server should be backed up and reinstated in a disaster recovery situation. A planned procedure is followed to ensure minimum down time at the most cost effective solution.

Benefits of having a Backup and Disaster recovery plan

  • Minimum down time in case of server hardware failure, cyber-attack or theft.
  • Cost effective reinstated server solutions.
  • Stress free recovery of your environment and files

‘Disaster Recovery’ is the phrase used to describe the strategy for making sure that in the event of a disaster the effect on a business or organization is kept to a minimum.

Whether you’re running a large corporate network responsible for massive transactions or containing sensitive client data you need more than just backup. You need to make sure that in the event of a disaster, be it theft, fire or flood, hardware failure or cyber-crime attacks, you can not only restore data but also get back up and running as fast as possible.

IBS can assess your current system or help you plan and implement a new one. We’re able to assess your unique requirements and make recommendations, proposals and project plans accordingly.
A disaster recovery plan is put into place to ensure peace of mind for any business.

IBS’s hybrid cloud backup with onsite as well for all SME business are fast, reliable, secure, affordable cloud backups done automatically. With this backup solution our recoveries are fast would disaster strike.

Cloud Backups

Types of backups:

  • Local Server Cloning
  • Hyper-V & VMWare
  • General File and Folder Recovery
  • SQL, Exchange, SharePoint, OneDrive

Automated backups – Your system will automatically update to the online system at regular intervals as determined by you;

Secure 256-bit AES encryption – Makes sure only you have access to the saved information via a password;

Local server replication technology – This ensures quick connections and support systems to easily access your data. And of course this meets all regulatory requirements;

Backup are tested on a regular basis to ensure they are available would disaster strike.

Gain access to Backup and Disaster recovery solutions with IBS Information Systems.