We offer Internet solutions to address all your needs. With the correct solution, you can even save costs.

Below are a few of the many

  • Fibre
  • LTE/3G
  • LTE-A

Each company is different and therefore the needs of each company is unique. Therefore we offer unique customised Internet solutions to suite your needs.

Computer Rentals

A major upgrade of your company’s computer network or workstations can be a costly affair, and at times simply too expensive to do as a single project. Therefore considering a rental option opens you to a variety of possibilities in terms of equipment and upgrades without the heavy financial burden.

You may choose to keep the original equipment rented at the end of the agreement, or extend the contract with the option of a full update / upgrade on the new equipment rented. Computer rental can include installation and setup as required.

Benefits of a computer equipment rental option:

  • No large initial financial investment
  • An operating lease is usually off-balance sheet
  • Obtain max taxation advantage by claiming the full rental as a tax expense
  • Entire company IT system can be upgraded at once without delay
  • Refresh technology: At lease end, you have the option to “trade up” to new equipment so you can leverage the latest

Camera and Surveillance Systems

CCTV have become such an important part of company’s risk management, that we doubt anyone can deny it’s importance in security today. All industries are making use of CCTV systems to:

  • Monitoring/Prevent Criminal Activity
  • Manage staff efficiency
  • Access control
  • Remotely monitor sites
  • General Security purposes

It is our mission to provide a cost effective solution without compromising on quality. A camera system is an investment, if done correctly. We provide free site evaluations and quotations on a comprehensive range of security cameras and other CCTV equipment – all depending on the level of security required by the customer. Not sure which camera is right for your installation needs?

Please contact our offices to enquire about these products.

Access Control

Access Control gives you maximum control over the traffic flow of both customers and employees into your business. No matter the size or industry type, a broad range of electronic access control solutions help ensure that only the right people have access to your facilities.

Latest generation access control and biometric access control security systems that offer powerful advances in digital video management, smart card applications, biometric integration and open IT systems.

Biometric access control readers provide increased security by assessing and identifying a person’s unique body feature. Our biometric solutions offers accurate access control.

Biometrics Time and Attendance

Time and attendance are used to track and monitor when employees start and stop work. A time and attendance system enables an employer to monitor their employees working hours and late arrivals, early departures, time taken on breaks and absenteeism. It also helps to control labor costs by reducing over-payments, which are often caused by paying employees for time that are not working, and eliminates transcription error, interpretation error and intentional error. These systems can also be used to ensure compliance with labor regulations regarding proof of attendance