Outsourced Financial Management

We offer and manage financial processes and procedures implemented. Instead of recruiting an expensive professional, we provide this function on behalf of the client. No matter where you are, we can set up and implement procedures on your behalf, as many do not have the expertise of how to financially manage a company. This service is only available on an SLA with our own company systems.

Company Structuring and Implementation

We specialize in corrective reconstruction of businesses to revitalize the business or to take the client to the next level. As a result, we offer to audit all functions, analyses and restructure and implement new processes.

This is an extensive analysis and is normally required when all previous options failed and almost at the point where the client reaches a point of running out of cash. Each area of the business is analysed to determine its current state, i.e. debtors, creditors, admin function, reporting, SARS liabilities, systems in use, daily functions in determining the shortfalls. Thereafter a plan is drafted depicting all areas and presented to owners for approval. We then draft a plan to rectify, install and monitor the changed structure.

Group Structure Planning and Implementation

We specialise in Group restructuring to ensure that associated products could be easily integrated into for consolidation reporting at group level. This service is an extension of the above Company structuring and aims to reconstruct each business optimally, aligning each business function and ensuring that assets and structures are correctly applied. This could mean moving assets not belonging to the correct company i.e. property companies. Our aim is to guarantee the success of businesses which can independently function correctly and are properly managed. Restructuring could result in acquiring funding for the business, independently of others in the Group. Additional restructuring opportunities are created, providing the option of selling partial shares to new investors or partners, which creates more options for refinancing. We can assist.

Implementation Monitoring

This service follows once the above corrective measures are applied. We offer to monitor any processes and procedures implemented, usually for a period of six months to a year, depending on the client requirements. This enables us to provide accurate reporting on the success of the new system, which usually leads to the improvement of cash flow. The process allows us to determine and measure certain daily, weekly and monthly activities.