We are a family based business, blessed with many longstanding clients (20+ years) and staff who have become family too.

This group was designed back in 1984 with the intention to serve clients with the best possible service, based on loyalty, honesty and dedication.

It was further the intention to create a turnkey solution which is lacking in the industry for small, medium and SMME’s focusing on systems, IT and accounting.

These functions needs to support our vision and mission to provide all the services with pride.

What we further pride ourselves is that the smallest client receives to exact quality service that of the biggest client, something we are especially proud of.

All the above services can be delivered anywhere currently in South Africa.

Sage Evolution

IBS provides for a professional experience in project managing your new or existing Sage Evolution system.


Geared for small and medium businesses, providing business IT solutions in the information technology sector.


Geared to providing a unique financial management solution for small and medium businesses.


IBS Holdings is a holding company for the IBS group, providing a turnkey solution to small and medium businesses with regards to the three cornerstones in business ie. accounting, information technology and business systems.

Not only will we supply you with the technology to realize your businesses true potential, but also empower you by making information available to you any time required, anywhere in the world. After all, information is what drives the business world.